Monday, 3 November 2014


For many of you who have been following me for a long time will know how obsessed I was with clip in extensions. I didn't go a day without wearing them, they were kind of like my comfort blanket. I became so obsessed with them mainly because since I was a little girl I have always dreamt of having beautiful long and thick hair but unfortunately this was not meant to be as my hair has always been SO thin. My clip in hair extensions, I thought anyway, were pretty much the closest thing I could get to achieve that long, thick look, that was until I found Vixen and Blush.

If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen that I recently went along to Vixen and Blush in Shoreditch, London to have my hair transformed with the help of micro ring extensions.

The salon is made up of a very small group of ladies which makes your experience a bit more personal, this is also helped by how lovely they all are. I spent most of the day with the owner Sarah and Lauren, who by the end I felt like I had known for ages. So a bit about what went on:

So to start off with I had a gloss put on my hair as I didn't want to change the colour but just wanted a bit more life and shine to my hair. This did just the job. My hair felt much healthier not to mention how soft and shiny it now is. I then had a hair trim and some layers cut into my hair after not going to a hairdresser for about a year, whoops!

(After the gloss - so soft and shiny!)

After this is was time to start adding the hair. The colour was matched to perfection and I had 3 different colours put in to match the different tones in my natural hair. I got a slightly darker colour for the underneath of my hair and then the colour got lighter as it went up.

(The 3 different shades of hair)

At Vixen and Blush they use Micro Rings as the method of putting in the hair extensions as this is the safest and best for you natural hair. Believe me I did a lot of research on this before I got them done as I did not want it to ruin my natural hair at all! The micro rings are not noticeable at all in my hair even when I put it up.

Now for the before and after, the best bit!



As you can see from the above pictures it looks so natural and I think that if people didn't know I have had extensions they wouldn't know :) Another massive thank you to the girls at Vixen and Blush for my new head of hair. If having micro ring extensions is something you have always wanted I would definitely recommend getting them done and would of course recommend you get them done at Vixen and Blush.
Just because I can't get enough of my new hair here is a few pictures of my new locks looking super snazzy thanks to my new GHD wave wand (available here):

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