Saturday, 27 June 2015

Grab a bargain with Very Exclusive...

Jeans: Miss Foxy
Bag: Steve Madden

If you keep up to date with my Youtube videos you may remember that a while back I featured in one of my favourites videos a Moschino bag which I purchased from the website Very Exclusive. If you haven't heard of Very Exclusive yet then you have definitely been missing out. Very Exclusive is run on the same concept on which means that you can purchase items and pay for them in 3 months instalments with no interest but wait for it.... Very Exclusive sells only designer/high end products which means they have made high end affordable to everyone with the 3 month payment system! I must say it has come in very handy when I have been lusting over something and have been able to pay for it in instalments, all the more reason to treat yourself ey!

I am writing about Very Exclusive today as they currently have a sale on with designer items up 70% off so it is definitely worth checking out! I have made a little list of my top sale picks to give you an idea of what they offer:

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